To Anyone Who Says Short Boy/Tall Girl Couples Are 'Weird'

Not that we needed approval. Short guys with tall gals automatically give a big 'fuck you' to heightists just by strolling around.

It's funny how we're in 2014 as of this posting, yet many people still can't get over tall women with short men. Interracial couples that aren't frequently depicted in the media also face the same harassment, and anti-gay discrimination still persists as well.

You can claim all this is a good test for a couple's resolve, but it's still unwarranted and immature. Do you know how many unconventional couples I've seen ruined due to stares, gossip, and insults? One too many and I've had enough. If I can't be happy, then let others be and leave them alone dammit.

See, the argument against tall girls with short boys is similar to homophobia. They say men are taller on average than women, so the man (for some reason) must always be taller in a relationship. Likewise, men often tend to mate with women (no shit), and that is why same sex couples are "unnatural." How these conclusions came from point A to B is beyond me.

Bigots just love using nature as an excuse, while ignoring how a world with only gay couples will never exist, let alone one where tall girls always chase short guys (although I can dream). So why feel threatened and pick on the odd couples? To feel a superior sense of normality, no doubt. "Oh, I do what everyone else does, so I'm right harharhar."

Listen, no matter how many tall girls date lil' dumplings like me, there will be loads of typical relationships to counteract us. That's how your beloved nature works: on averages. When all the tall men and short girls are getting together, where else could us manlets and amazons run but towards each other?

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