Newsflash: Having Different Opinions Doesn't Make Someone Crazy

"You need help."

That unoriginal line has been thrown at anyone who doesn't follow the norm.

Are you an activist of school reform and radical unschooling? You're crazy.

Do you have some niche fetish that most don't understand? You need help (even if your fetish doesn't hurt anyone).

Feeling depressed due to a legitimate reason? Forget how sadness is a natural emotion, have some meds or go see a therapist.

I've seen girls who prefer short men informally diagnosed with past trauma from tall men. After all, why would a normal woman like short guys?

So yeah, people need this newsflash bad: having different views doesn't make someone medically crazy.

Also, normalcy is overrated. Unless someone is hurting another person, leave them alone. Yes, that includes the men playing with toys in their 40's, or girls who are bodybuilders. If you think they're "weird," you don't need help, you need an open mind.

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