Thursday, 5 December 2013

All Forms of Racism Are Bad

I try to refrain from frequent talks of racism, but this post was too good to ignore:

'Lazy generalizations are still racist. They might not be lynching-in-the-streets-followed-by-a-hanging-racist, but they're still racist. Controlling subjugated group's desires (i.e: forcibly praising some traits, disparaging others) is still a form of social control. Why is it that white people are "good at everything" but Asians are stereotyped as "good at math"?
Many racial stereotypes are based on racist historical views. Chinese workers were brought over during the 19th century to build railways and infrastructure for slave-labour wages. They were stereotyped as "hard workers" for this reason, and consistently praised if they continued to work for nothing.
African-American slaves had the same thing going on - they were just naturally hard workers! Of course, once black people fought tirelessly to end slavery, their songs of praise over their hard work and obedience quickly turned into "black people are dangerous criminals, lazy slobs, etc."
Just as a privileged group of people (white people) can sing praises, they can turn those praises around on a moment's notice if the minority ceases to be the "model minority" for whatever reason. It pidgeon-holes entire groups of people at best, and can be used as a reactionary blowback if the group tries to break from the mold.
All forms of racism are bad, including the "positive" types. Full stop.'

'Think about it this way: if you were a person of an Asian background, and you were stereotyped as being "good at math," what happens to your self-esteem if you're actually better at being a singer, an athlete, or a skilled tradesperson?
"You must be the only Asian I know not good at math lol!!!"
According to people's (albeit quote-un-quote 'positive') racist views about Asians being "good at math," you are a failure as a person of Asian background. You'll be discouraged from partaking in other fields of study other than the hard sciences even if the hard sciences drive you up the fucking wall and you'd rather be a journalist or a photographer.
Pidgeon-holing, even when done in a positive light, is harmful.'

*sigh* Why can't more people be like this?

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