Saturday, 2 November 2013

Taller Is Always Stronger?

The basis behind mocking short people, is that a tall person's max physical potential is higher than that of someone shorter. I agree, but my question is, how often do you have a fight between two people equal in every trait, with height being the deciding factor?

I'm not even talking about typical attributes like strength or speed. I'm including viciousness and pain threshold. Are there not tall boys who feel light headed at the sight of their own blood? Small monks who could burn alive and not flinch? Would a smaller man with years of training and a sick mind of aggression not destroy an out of shape and timid tall guy?

Not according to most girls, and that makes me sad. What's the point of training hard 5 days a week, if nobody will take me seriously? Tall guys who sit around smoking pot and playing video games will always be 'tougher' than me, because they were born 5 inches taller...

Oh, right - I exercise so I can be in shape. Sometimes I lose sight of that, when people accuse any short guy who works out as having a 'Napoleon Complex.' Lifting is reserved for the tall boys, didn't you know? However, if you're short and don't work out, you're just proving short men are weak.

Quite the conundrum, but it doesn't matter either way because short men are scum to most people, so fuck it. Women should be protecting themselves anyway, because it's sexist to think men should do all the heavy lifting. It's the 21st century, you assholes.

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