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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Dating Expert's Thoughts On Heightism

Here's an amazing audio interview from supportfortheshort.org with the webmaster Joe and 25 year dating expert Steve Penner. Some great points made about how height affects presidential elections, and how short women (especially short Asian women) seem to demand tall Caucasian men. They also discuss how many feminists want equality in all aspects of life except stature.

The interviewee said girls who cared about superficial traits had the most break ups and divorces. Shocking. Likewise, many tall handsome guys who got all the attention in high school never develop their personalities. They tend to never settle down or understand emotions because they're spoiled. Steve Penner suggests people go for late bloomers instead.

Personally, I ain't bothering with this crap. Unless a girl actually prefers short/Asian men, she's likely the type who chooses a guy last for the team, then later acts like she always thought he was the best... after all the other players left her in the dust.

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