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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Comparing Talks of Height Discrimination With "Social Justice Warriors"

I find it funny when those who talk about height prejudice are told to "go back to tumblr" or labeled as SJWs or any other online buzzword. I wish most of the "body positive" feminist types from tumblr also oppose height discrimination, but they don't. I've seen just as much height bigotry from self-proclaimed egalitarian types as people who are proudly sexist or racist or whatever. Hell, the most mind-blowing thing for me was seeing others defend fat people vehemently (which is fine), but then these same individuals turn around and attack short men with unoriginal puns and stereotypes.

Why do people even engage in virtue signalling? It's because it's politically correct (and encouraged) to defend women, racial minorities, homosexuals, trans, even fat people, etc. Sure, this behavior enrages bigots over the Internet, but in real life, you get brownie points. It's the easiest way to feel like a "good person."

Height is different. If you're a short man and you talk of heightism, you're labeled as insecure, or an angry midget with a syndrome/complex. If you're not short but you defend short people, you're ruining everyone's fun and games. Even bringing this up is socially taboo and politically incorrect, and everyone will band together to defend their prejudice. They'll use everything from the fallacy of relative privation, to evo-psych, to "it's just a prank bro," because nobody wants to think of themselves as a bigot. Yes, even "tumblr/SJW" people do this.

Most people don't really care about discrimination, because they discriminate based on height all the time. The only thing that saves other groups is political correctness/historical implications, not empathy. Society doesn't make it a mission to defend short men, like they do with women's body image or something, society does the opposite. You lose social standing if you don't think shortness is deserving of being mocked. Again, the Internet may have contingents of people who hate "SJWs," but in real life, even if somebody doesn't like it, it'd be social suicide to call out someone defending fat women or whatever else.

Mock a short man at a social gathering (like a party, family dinner, etc.), then try the same with an obese woman. Which would be considered more rude? That's the difference. SJWs at least have each other, and they've scared enough average people into behaving themselves. Click here and here to see how the "SJW" types take weight issues seriously. They themselves admit they're hypocritical, although I had to dig for this because every other time, they snicker at the idea that heightism exists and consider it a made up buzzword (coined in 1971 mind you). Again, this is a known "SJW" community, a perfect example of how people can be trained to care about something (especially if it affects women), but scoff at other forms of prejudice.

New bonus: Buzzfeed (a site that talks about "body image" issues) publishes a video promoting tall people.

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