Saturday, 13 February 2016

The Next Time Someone Assumes a Person Is Strong Because They're Tall...

Show them this excerpt on 7'7" 200 lb basketball player Manute Bol:
"When the Bullets first sent Bol to University of Maryland strength coach Frank Costello in August, he could handle only 45 pounds in a 10-rep bench press and 55 in a 10-rep squat; now he's up to 110 in the bench and 170 in the squat."

This is simply an extreme example to show how tall isn't strong without the frame and bulk. This mostly goes out to those who believe tall skinny guys and tall girls can outmuscle even stocky short men. Happens especially in Asia, where people only care about height. If you're 145 lbs but 6'2, they will treat you like a heavyweight. Ironic for a bunch of supposedly "educated" people.

This is also an example of how one can be malnourished despite being very tall. Many people think in very absolute terms, where a short man was malnourished as a youth, while a tall man was well fed. I've seen people claiming tall skinny guys were raised well and must have good genetics. Meanwhile, even well built short men are often viewed as a sign of bad diet and poor genetics. My own mother once praised my 5'11 135 lb friend for having "good genetics" because he's tall. Meanwhile, he's one of the weakest guys I know. Whole thing is strange.

P.S. RIP to Manute Bol, as he unfortunately passed away at age 47. Again, just using him as an extreme example. No disrespect meant personally.

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