Would Short Women Like to Be Considered Unattractive Due To "Scientific Reasons?"

Quoted from Inside The Mind Of A Short Woman:

People have a habit of justifying their preferences to either make them appear natural or noble. Heightists are no exception. Evolutionary Psychology is frequently referenced along with other forms of pseudo-science. There are plenty of "scientific" studies which prize certain races over others, often isolating traits such as IQ, Attractiveness and Longevity. We don't hear people reference those when justifying their dating preferences do we? Those who do will face intense scrutiny, social suicide and even experience the threat of job loss. 

On that note, there are real scientific studies out about short women. One such study published in August stated that short women have shorter pregnancies and give birth to premature babies with health risks. Maybe Tom Cruise knew this and that's why he went after Katie Holmes. Would these same heightist short women like it if men considered them undesirable due to "scientific reasons"?

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