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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Power in the Manipulation of Language

"There is great power in the careful manipulation of language. Conspiracy is a word that has been associated with insanity and inaccuracy. That is why people react to ideas associated with the label by thinking those that believe such ideas are nutty and sloppy with the facts. When one uses different words to describe the same things it has a very different effect."

"Consider the difference between the department of war vs the department of defense. Consider the difference between the department of propaganda vs the the department of information. The functions of them are exactly the same, but the perceptions of them are completely different."

"Conspiracy is just collusion in secret for immoral, unethical or illegal ends. If one said they knew of collusion between powerful people to do something illegal in secret for personal profit, they'd get some good attention for it. If instead they simply said they know of a conspiracy between powerful men, they'd be derided and ignored. It's just how we work. Knowing that we work that way is part of the way toward not being as affected by it." - Source
This could also apply to heightism and language. People can be conditioned to think certain things when they hear a word or phrase. Most never stop to examine the very language they use daily, but there are connotations there.

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