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Sunday, 9 August 2015

More Evo Psych Nonsense

You do realize you sound like the Tumblrinas saying "I'm not ugly, society is saying I am ugly!" right? Or the people who say that gender is a social construct, regardless of the evidence saying otherwise.
If you are so certain that height plays no evolutionary benefit, go wrestling with someone who is 6'3 and tell me who wins. I've done it before, and all they have to do is basically lay down on top of you and you're fucked.
Just admit you're overly insecure about your height already. - Source

Once again, another moron confuses height with weight. I'm sure it's easier to take down The Great Gama or Bert Assirati over some taller but lighter guy. It's funny how wrestling was mentioned, as it's generally acknowledged that short stocky men make better grapplers. Here's a 5'5 wrestler against a 6'5 one, and here's a 5'7 elite wrestler.

I've seen people counter this by claiming it doesn't matter when short men are heavier/stronger, because tall men make better sprinters so they can run from predators. Then someone else points out how short men generally have better stealth, agility, and stamina. Of course, when short men run and hide, it doesn't attract women, only burly strong guys do.

Basically, when tall men are stronger or faster, they're just naturally superior. When short men do the exact same thing, it doesn't matter. People move the goalposts to suit their "taller is better" narrative.

This evo psych nonsense needs to end already. Every time they conduct height studies on tribes, these people do not care about height. Only domesticated, civilized women show a strong preference for tall men. Read about it here.

I also love how heightism is so rampant, that short men who argue against it are labelled as insecure. Apparently, real short men proclaim themselves to be inferior.


  1. Remember, if your identity revolves around being subtle and intellectual rather than beating everything to a pulp if it isn't you, you are a monster who must never be loved. Yeah, sure, mind over body needs to die out completely. Have fun in a couple generations when you run out of oil and there isn't anyone left with more than 6 brain cells who has the faintest idea how to find a new energy source.

    1. You talkin' to me or the guy I quoted?

      Either way, apparently only tall guys benefit from brains or brawn.

      Strong tall guy > smart short guy
      Smart tall guy > strong short guy
      Strong tall guy> strong short guy
      Smart tall guy > smart short guy