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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Short Asian Men

I've come across this group, /r/AsianMasculinity, and it's quite interesting. These guys basically get bummed out about racial prejudice against Asian men, but they also try to prove how great Asian men are by boasting about their height. They're "one of the good ones" you see, unlike those inferior short Asian men, and this cannot be argued with due to armchair evolutionary nonsense. As I quote:

"height = good transcends basic race relations. it goes back since the fuckn stone ages where a tall person was considered more able to prevent u from getting buttfucked by a mammoth, therefore more attractive."

Stealth/group work apparently means nothing. Just the idea of some tall Tarzan single-handedly protecting his damsel from a fucking mammoth makes me laugh. Nice fantasy. Even tribal people don't care about height, so good luck getting wild animals to bow down to tall men like modern humans do. Even a 5'6 gorilla is still way stronger than a 6'6 man.

Caveman talk aside, what these "alpha" Asians don't realize is that racists use the same "nature" argument against Asian men:

"It could simply be that, on average, Western men (White in particular) are just more attractive than Asian guys to more Asian women than Asian men are to white women, and I am not simply talking about the role that popular culture and stereotypes play on our sub-conscious, maybe they just naturally are."
"It could simply be that Asian men just aren't as attractive to many women like the ginger-haired are often considered less attractive in the West. White men also, tend to vary in aspects of their physical appearance in ways Asian men do not. White Westerners stand-out in the crowd, like brighter feathers on a peacock.  Blonde hair, blue or green eyes, white skin, these could all simply amount to White guys being more desirable for many Asian women... If other animals can be attracted by shows of colour or simply different physical traits, why not humans?"

When Asian guys throw other men under the bus to claim superiority, they don't realize they're playing by the rules of a rigged game. If short men are "naturally" inferior, a case can be made for Asians being "naturally" less attractive. "Typical Asian eyelids are ugly because big eyes are cuter, black hair/brown eyes are naturally boring, etc." Also notice how often Caucasians naturally have the eyes and noses Asians get surgery for. At the end of the day, Asian height worshipers are bragging about being the best of the worst, and that's the wrong way to go about this.

With the way media portrays short Asian men, there's a reason why half-white Elliot Rodgers only hated his Asian side and his height of 5'9. He knew how close he was to being a short Asian man, and his ego couldn't take it. When short Asian Wilkes McDermid killed himself, his reasons were not in his head. In this very blog I have shown that short men are seen as intrinsically inferior. Unwanted at our very core and DNA, even by those who put of egalitarian fronts.

See, most people don't hate discrimination. They just dislike being the ones targeted, and once they join a winning team, they show their true colors. Many Asians go on and on about how unfair it is to be mistreated due to a genetic trait (like race), but when they get their asses kissed due to a different genetic trait (like height), all of a sudden they sound just like those they disparage. Typical.

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