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Friday, 15 May 2015

Mom Tells Son to "Walk Tall"

"Short stature runs in my family, and it looks as though my oldest son takes after my side. At fourteen, he is about 4'10", which is a solid 6"-12" shorter than most boys his age at school. It bothers him. There's rarely a day when some stupid junior high kid doesn't tease him at least once. Last year on his birthday he actually came home in tears it was so bad. He is a very good looking boy, has a great (dry) sense of humor, gets good grades, works out 3 days a week, and is exceptionally kind. It's been getting slightly better this year, but it's still an issue to him. He is built quite a bit like my brother, so I'd guess him to end up somewhere around 5'3" as an adult. My question is, does anyone have any solid advice for me to give him? There's a phrase that goes, "A man is at his tallest when he stoops to help another," and so I've always told him to "walk tall."

First of all, I've never heard this phrase. Secondly, this is like saying "you may be an Asian boy, but your heart is that of a white man. Act white and you will be a good person."

No doubt my example sounds absurd (as it should), but replace skin color with height and suddenly it's the norm in this language. How sad.

The English language is great when it comes to fellating tall people. Examples here. Never use these lines on short sons. It's negative conditioning.

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