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Monday, 13 April 2015

Richie Le's Tips For Aspiring Short Jesters

I feel bad giving this jester more views by linking his video (use AdBlock), but I have to get this off my chest. This is the dumbest shit I have seen in a longass time.

Someone could claim this is simply a joke and I should lighten up. I'm just wondering how many of these "jokes" short men have to take before we can can tell them to fuck off with the stereotypes.

I love the bit where he's called a shrimp by some taller guy who looks like a flyweight. I love how people think every short guy is some weakling they can flick away with one finger. I fucking love it. I've had taller guys I outweighed try to fuck with me just because of my height. If I hadn't physically roughed them up, I guarantee they would've went through life thinking they can start shit with random short men whenever, and I'm sure videos portraying short men as chipmunks totally help. Guys like this buy into the hype, I know because I've run into them. They pull the exact same routine they see in skits like Richie Le's, then seem shocked when it doesn't play out the same way in reality.

Considering how the video has 1500 likes to 30 dislikes, it seems like many viewers loved it as well. The best part is how most people still can't understand why this disgusts short men like myself and others. Being society's joke is what disgusts us. Plain and simple.

Most short men in the media are weakass clowns and this influences society's views. It's like how people get extra mad when hunters target bears (rather than crocodiles or sharks), because they watch too movies like Paddington while hugging teddy bears. This fictional shit warps people's minds.

“Seemingly minor yet persistent things penetrate the mind over time making it difficult to ever realize the impact; hence, though quite unfortunate, the most dangerous forms of corruption are those that are subtle and below the radar.” - Criss Jami

While short men like Bruce Lee tried to be badass, guys like Richie Le and Kevin Hart undo all the work. It's like how Bobby Lee and Ken Jeong set Asian men back half a century. You will never see a white male being depicted like that with an Asian couple, just like how you'll never see a 6'0 guy being treated like he's inferior due to his height. Many Asians notice stuff like this:

This would've been a harmless bit of fun if there weren't such a long and well-documented history (and present) of desexualization and emasculation of Asian men.

'Why bother with yellowface when they're happy to do it to themselves?' Thanks for breaking down barriers for our people, Ken.
It's about context. For every Chris Farley there are also Brad Pitts, Daniel Day-Lewises, Steve Buscemis and Peter Dinklages. White comedians that do self-deprecating stuff like this do it over a backdrop of a huge range of White male individuals and therefore they can exist as individuals. Asian men don't have the same context. Every time an Asian man is shown in media it's almost always as some kind of caricature non-person...

You could replace the above quotes with short men and it works the same way. Name one short man who is portrayed like a Batman/Superman type guy. I can't. Last one I saw was Wolverine in comics and cartoons, and he's tall Hugh Jackman now. Without fail, every time a short man shows up, he is either a jester, sidekick, clown, or childish. At least Asians can look to homeland media for better imagery, which is also where I've seen others suddenly proclaim, "wow, I didn't know Asian men could be this cool/attractive until I saw (insert Asian show or movie)." Now imagine if every Asian man was a Richie Le type guy in the media worldwide. Would it be surprising if everyone suddenly thought Asian men are innately inferior?

If anyone is still doubtful on how media affects perceptions, then forget race, even the media's role in bodyweight is taken more seriously than height: [1][2][3]

All differences aside, just like with short men, others have people coming in to shut them down by essentially saying, "only weak whiners rock the boat." Fact of the matter is that I've seen men like Cung Le and Bruce Lee talk about humiliating media portrayals, and I wouldn't call them weak. It takes more to stand against this, because everyone else coalesces on you so you shut up and know your place. This could apply to any marginalized group, but especially for short men, because unlike Asians, nobody defends short men.

Even liberal egalitarian types are biased against short men, so when spineless short guys realize their place in society, they choose to be the group jester. To them, that beats not being part of any group at all. They're like the loser who's allowed to hang out with the cool kids, so long as they know their role and dance like a monkey. Richie Le is one such short guy. On the other hand, other short men feel nauseous when seeing ourselves portrayed as such losers... over and over again.

We get it. Short men are supposed to plaster stupid grins on our faces 24/7, all the while other guys think we're pushovers, and girls think we're cute at best and gross at worst. We get it. Now can I punch guys like Richie Le in the throat? It's better to be "overly sensitive" with "short man syndrome" than to be a social punching bag.

Click here for a video example of how short Asian men are portrayed in media. Great comedy in the same vein as Richie Le. This is why we get nowhere: Uncle Tom jesters.

More on the harmful effects of self-deprecation including a study: http://heightismandothershit.blogspot.ca/2013/11/self-deprecating-humor.html


  1. im a short Asian myself and i think you're a fucking idiot. Im not going to say lighten up or take a joke because you are obviously too macho and manly to take that, what i am going to say is, i hope someone beats the shit out of you and knocks some sense into your ass, jesus christ how much do you have to care about your fucking height, you are the living example of what you hate. THIS IS A FUCKING YOUTUBE VIDEO TO HELP SHORT GUYS LIKE MYSELF, THE JOKES ARE FUNNY BECAUSE HE IS A SHORT ASIAN GUY AND KNOWS THE STRUGGLE, HONESTLY YOU ARE SUCH A DISGRACE. Im not one to protect my favourite youtubers and shit, but for you i will make an exeption. ps. fuck you motherfucker

    1. Okay tough guy. Nice name calling. Fact: you would have never seen 5'7 Bruce Lee acting like this guy. People like you two set short Asian men back decades.

    2. By the way, all these other short men also agree: https://www.reddit.com/r/short/comments/32idqz/5_tips_for_short_guys_should_be_called_richie_les/

      You're just mad because you're a weak Uncle Tom. Who's gonna kick my ass? Some shrimp like Richie Le? A tall skinny guy like in the video?

    3. The kid in the video is pathetic, but not quite as pathetic as you are. The only disgrace is you. You definitely have your brains up your ass - that is - if you have any brains at all, which I doubt. Now, if you're a man; if you're a REAL man, you'll respond, positively, and supportively for Luke's efforts. If you ain't no man, then you should just crawl away like the coward that you are. What's it gonna be?