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Thursday, 26 February 2015

"Short Buff Asian Guys Are Repulsive"

I was Googling for something else and found the comment below. Her avatar mixed with the comment made me laugh:

This came from a forum where Asians obsess over double eyelids, skin lightening, and height, so this was typical.

Still, I want to discuss a few points in general, as many people hold these beliefs.

  • Buff short men seem "repulsive" for the same reason people hate short presidents, or short men who own big cars/houses. Short men aren't supposed to be stronger than the average tall man, because it doesn't fit their simple worldview. It's similar to how people get weirded out by black nerds, muscular women, etc.
  • People claim the huge bias in favor of tall men is biological, yet strong short men are gross to many. I'm pretty sure some 'oompa loompa' like Bolo Yeung would be more useful in the jungle than a tall skinny Korean actor.
  • Why is short height in males something to "make up for" in the first place? Is a woman making up for her gender when she works out? Apparently short men aren't allowed to lift.

I also don't know why the thread was strictly about short Asian guys, rather than just short guys in general, but you can read the whole thread here, with hilarious quotes such as:

"I dont think it's shallow at all for women to admit they prefer taller men. It's a biological imperative. Tall men physically trigger more attraction for women. Studies show that tall men make more money than short men and are generally healthier. It makes sense that women have a preference for that. That's evolution at work."

Yeah, that's why self-employed short men make the same money as tall men, and short men live longer. It's totally not employer discrimination or blind belief, it's evolution! I wonder how they'd feel when the "it's nature" argument is used to explain why Asian women prefer white men.

This thread was from 2009, so apparently the disgust towards short men has been brewing.

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