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Friday, 13 February 2015

Producer: "We Wanted Batman to be Taller Than Superman"

This article was from the end of 2014:

Roven added that Affleck’s height was also a factor.
"We also wanted a guy with big stature. Ben is 6’ 4". Henry [Cavill] is a 6’1". We wanted Batman to tower over Superman. Not hugely, not like a basketball player. Superman needed to ‘look up’ to Batman. We wanted that dynamic and Ben could do that, easily," he said.

Aside from how Batman is shorter than Superman in the comics, I find it silly how Superman has to be towered over even though he can melt people with his eyes.

This whole "looking up to" thing is out of control. Many guys claim they can't respect UFC Flyweights, because the Flyweights would be the ones literally looking up. What the fuck is going on?

Here are some more comments on the Superman vs. Batman height dynamic:

"Superman is the superior, stronger hero, so he should be taller."

"I completely agree. A mere mortal, looking down upon a God, is ironic and artsy at the same time."

This idea of some weak/stupid guy looking down at my short ass - thinking he's automatically superior - drives me nuts. What sense does that make? Seriously, I've had guys I outweighed by 50 pounds sneering down and calling me short like it's an insult.

First Marvel made 5'3 Wolverine a foot taller, and now DC wants a part of the heightist pie. Don't get me started on the whole Captain America bullshit. Humans absorb most of their info when they're young, and superheroes are extremely influential on youth. Add the two together and you'll see why I bother posting about this.

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