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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Asian Plastic Surgery - a Result of Nature or Nurture?

"Many Asians have double eyelids, and it has been admired as beautiful long before we ever met white people."

The above quote sounds like an innocent enough claim, right? Maybe we just found this eye type the most attractive from the dawn of time. So I did a quick Google search for feudal paintings of "beautiful" Asian women and found the following:

  1. These are various paintings from China, Korea, and Japan.
  2. No, these aren't cherry-picked out of a hundred. I can find dozens more if you pay me to bother. Hell, it was harder for me to find paintings of double eyelids than otherwise.
  3. No, these are not from the same artist.
My point is... something about their narrow eyes and round faces look very different from this:

Unless someone claims that the artists of old were so inept that they can't differentiate between small and big eyes, something certainly changed along the way.

Random quote regarding eyes and attractiveness: 

"There are plenty of measurements that have been shown to correlate with what people associate with beauty. Beauty in general seems to be related to the golden ratio in facial proportions. You can actually measure different parts of someones face, and predict, based on those measurements, whether or not that person will be deemed attractive or unattractive by the general population.
Based on various mathematical models, scientists have even created artificial images meant to show that beauty in faces. It's not an excact science, but it's undeniably objective to some degree. For instance, big eyes are almost always cuter than small eyes."

Sure man.

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