Quick Talk About Elliot Rodgers

I was going to make a long, elaborate post with quotes from Elliot Rodger's manifesto, but I don't feel like spending much time on an already sensationalized case. Thousands are killed by troops in third world countries, yet Elliot Rodgers killing a few means we have a Western epidemic on our hands. That's feminist melodrama for you. Always attacking the easy targets while ignoring the larger problems.

I'm not going to join the bandwagon and say, "i hope that entitled virgin burns in hell wat a woman hater." That doesn't mean I'm "making excuses" for Elliot Rodgers either. This has to be stated, because unless one foams at the mouth when discussing him, he's being sympathized with (and what a horrible thing sympathy is these days).

To the main points regarding his manifesto. Elliot complains about feeling "short" despite being 5'9, because these days, being average height is "short" to most people. He insults Asians in terms of looks, mainly Asian men. After all, he was a half-Asian male, meaning he had the genes of the small-dicked, nerdy, kung-fu villians. Finally, he was a virgin at 22, making him the epitome of failure as a young male.

It should be obvious what my point is. I'm saying he embodied many of the "inferior" traits as deemed by society... Or he did in his head. Many agree he's above average in conventional attractiveness, but that doesn't matter, because in his mind he is not.

My point is that society creates its own monsters, as it always has. You could be watching some movie to escape reality, when all of a sudden, Asian men show up to be mowed down by a White hero. Short men are the target of bullies everywhere and nobody seems to have a problem with it. Every forum on the Internet has the staple "haha you can't get laid" insult. All of this is like a constant buzzing that follows you, even when you go outside. 

"Hey midget."
"Asian guys have small dicks hurr hurr."
"Go jerk off into a tissue you virgin loser."  

Blah blah blah. For a civilized, educated society, North America sure houses a lot of annoying fuckers. Enough to make a boy with parental issues snap.

P.S. I see random girls labeling any insecure/awkward/bitter male as "the next Elliot Rodgers." Newsflash: just because you don't want to fuck some dude doesn't mean he's Elliot Rodgers.

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