Small Means Short?

"Small means SHORT. Get it through your thick skull. Noone in their right mind describes someone being small meaning skinny. You can be small and buff at the same time, you're STILL small. lol you're one dumb cunt. You're talking out your ass. Short and small are the same fucking thing. When you describe someone as being small, you don't think skinny. You think someone who is short, as you said. It's amazing the amount of morons you meet on youtube XD And anyway, you're taking this away from my original point. "Small" man symdrome or "short" man syndrome, who cares how you word it. He still suffers from it. He feels the need to walk around like a smart ass and act like a dick to try and prove something."

Here's a photo of 5'4 Lee Priest. While I enjoy lifting weights, I don't care for steroids. Still, anyone who claims a short bodybuilder to be small is the true moron.

Then there's that fictional Napoleon Complex mentioned yet again. Same old double standards, where a short smartass has a syndrome, while a tall guy acting like a dick wouldn't be judged by his height.

It's amazing the kind of morons you meet who are so cocky yet ignorant. They all type in the same annoying manner as well. XD lol ten bucks says this guy also uses "herp derp."

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