Wednesday, 19 February 2014

"Penis Size Is Proportional to Body Size...No?"

"I mean Shaq is going to have a huge cock...but so is Yao Ming and even Jeremy Lin, who is 6'2". On the other hand, over here in Korea, I'm only 5'11" and I'm taller than probably 90% of men here. (This is changing as young Koreans are getting damn tall). So, yah if most asians are like 5'5" then they're dicks are going to be smaller cause penis size is proportional to body"

Uhh... No.

There are those who actually believe Asians have smaller dicks, then there are people who think height and penis size are correlated. As a short Asian, I guess I'm getting both stereotypes. What do I have, a micropenis? An innie?

I realize most girls couldn't care less about penis size, but I'm posting this just because I'm wondering... How the hell do such retards exist?

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