Thursday, 6 February 2014

Education Requirements for UFC Fighters?

I love combat sports: MMA, boxing, even pro-wrestling even though it's scripted. It's nice to ignore academic pressure when you're enthralled by a fight, because school simply doesn't matter in this field...

Or does it?

I found this in an MMAforum:

"Like the title would you feel about requiring UFC fighters to have a GED or HS Diploma, and an equivalent for fighters born out of the US?"
"I think it's a fine requirement, because at least they're being realistic in telling guys that "Not every one of you will make it as an MMA fighter long term. And having at least the basic educational skills will ensure that you'll be able to land some sort of job if this doesn't pan out".

Needless to say, most replies to this idea thought it was retarded. This sarcastic response sums it up well: "You don't have that many avenues for success, because of this, we are going to remove one of your avenues for success. Have a good day." People without diplomas already have a tough time finding work, so I don't see how closing more doors would be in their benefit.

If this arbitrary school requirement was already implemented in combat sports, we never would have gotten Manny Pacquiao or Mike Tyson, because neither of those men graduated. Why should they be forced to take an exam in order to punch others in the face? There have been many fighters who just couldn't attend school for one reason or another. Believe it or not, some people can't even get a GED when they want to, but they're amazing in battle. Barring their abilities from being showcased on the grandest stage is the epitome of unfair.

Of course, there are great fighters who finished school/college. Whether or not they were passionate about their schooling, I just don't think it's very relevant when it comes to fighting. All I know for sure is that going to school out of fear alone isn't healthy. You should go to school because you want to. Falling back on that schooling is merely an added benefit. Then again, with the crowded job market and unemployment these days, diplomas don't really provide much security anyway. You're better off being ambitious and innovative.

A couple of people wished fighters were schooled to be plain smarter (because intelligence and knowledge are the same, right?), but the following point counters that: "Common sense is more a necessity than book smarts in their cases." Basically, fighters would die if they didn't have a quick wit, and I don't see how being forced to memorize math would improve instincts. They know exactly when to back off, when to tap out, etc. They seem pretty smart to me, with their strategies and improvisation. Yet a sheet of paper is what determines they're learned men?

Every UFC fighter is educated in the art of combat, much more so than the average citizen. Professional fighters already possess a competent level of knowledge, more so than some bookworm who freezes up when thrown in a fight. After all, there are different forms of intellect, and fighting leans more towards the abstract side, like music or art. That's why it's called martial arts, and we all know how school loves stifling artsy subjects. Nobody with a functioning brain would claim a master artist was an ignoramus because they dropped out.

People are quick to insult blundering fighters who didn't bother with academics, but rarely blame a lack of education when combatants with degrees slip up. Half of the UFC fighters are legit retarded when they have to speak, educated schooled or otherwise, because half of our citizens are retarded no matter how much they sit in a classroom. Intelligence cannot be crammed into a brain.

This is all obvious, even though pro-schoolers continue their trolling by pushing for more pointless school requirements. To drown out their retardation, here is my favorite quote from the thread:

"We don't need educational requirements for beauty pageants. We don't need educational requirements for anything period. We need a world full of people who can do things, not people with just a paper that says they can probably do that thing."

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