Sunday, 12 January 2014

Woman Commits Suicide Unable to Deal with Death of Her Husband

"Single mothers will never understand this post. To love someone till death do you part and lose all will to live when your partner dies is a concept completely alien to failed women who fuck wiggers because it makes them feel oh so rebellious.

Overwhelmed by the recent death of her husband, all that was on the mind of 45 year old María Cruz Velazco Ibáñez was to commit suicide to rejoin her soul mate in the after world. Worried by her suicidal thoughts, the woman’s family kept her locked up at home but it only worked for so long. After a few days, María got out and ran straight toward the nearby highway and threw herself in the way of the first larger vehicle.

The woman’s husband was claimed by cancer. Her family said they would not seek prosecution of 28 year old driver Geovani Cruz Ledesma, because they had been aware of the woman’s suicidal thoughts and realized there was little he could have done to avoid hitting her."

I avoided linking directly to the article because it's flagged as inappropriate. The source came from that easily found gore website.

Anyway, I simply thought this story was worthy of a repost. The culture I live in has actually coined labels for women like this, such as "clingy" or "psycho." No doubt there are people out there who are unhealthily obsessed with their partners. However, the woman in our story died for true love and nothing less.

You can beg a soulmate to not kill themselves when you're gone. Even if they could hear you, they will neglect their health or commit suicide. That is living up to your promise of "till death do us part." This is a concept that people who voluntarily break-up or divorce will never understand, let alone single moms who were pumped and dumped.

Lust is fleeting but love is not.

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