U.S. Schools Are Fucked - Scared Straight Program

"16-year-old Santa Ana boy, Joel, skipped hundreds of days in his first two years of high school, until ditching caught up with him and an Orange County judge gave him another simple choice -- school or jail." - Source

Old news, but these types of programs are still going on and growing in numbers. Lots of Americans think this is justice. Land of the free indeed.

You may think it's better here in Canada, but in a callback to my post on a local principal, I would not be surprised to see prison used as punishment for skipping school prison in the next few decades. Canadian schools already employ cops, cameras, spying, bribery, walkie-talkies, and contracts, so I'd put nothing past the machine.

On the other hand, British Columbia loves their weed instead of throwing potheads in jail, so maybe we wouldn't scare youth with prison...

Then this quote flashed into my head:

The students have to feel like you’re always watching. You have to play on the kids’ emotions. If you bring order to a place of chaos, my theory is, the rest will follow.”

When that quote comes from a principal of the biggest secondary school in my area, all bets are off.

Schools already have the nerve to turn parents on their own offspring. Schools push kids to medication and suicide but only continue on the same path. Prisons seem like nothing in the grand scheme.

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