Typical Insults Thrown at Men (to Invalidate Our Arguments)

I would like to post a few insults specifically aimed at males:
  • "neckbeard" [you aren't attractive enough to get a woman]
  • "you live in your mom's basement" [you don't have enough wealth/status to get a woman]
  • "virgin" [not skillful or seductive enough to get a woman, nevermind if it is your choice]
  • "small penis / fat /short/ugly" [pretty clear why they'd use this, but it's hilarious because of the "all women's bodies are beautiful" trope, then shaming a man because of something completely out of his control; arguably being fat is in your control, but still hilarious because of the "big is beautiful" meme]
  • "you're angry because you can't get laid" [reducing a man's frustrations and arguments to one singular drive, removing and denying the possibility of any societal or institutionalized discrimination.] 
If someone ever uses any of the above lines, cease all interaction with them immediately. When you make an effort to formulate and articulate your views, only to have people degrade you, they've already lost. Most of all, they are immature, no matter what they identify as.

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