Don't Be Insecure - Just Date the Shallow Girl

Some lucky guy had this to say about his date:

"Two days ago I got an email from her saying she thought I was cute, gave me her number and wanted to get together for coffee sometime. We texted for a bit, then she called me last night. We spoke for a few hours and connected really well... Until she made a comment about not dating Asian men because they're short and she's tall... Crap. I asked her about her height (5'8") and then gave her the unfortunate news that I'm only 5'6". She quickly said something about just using the height thing as an excuse for not being attracted to Asian men, but now I can't stop thinking about it and it's making me want to call off the date tomorrow because I feel like I'm going to feel two feet tall compared to her now. Does anyone have any advice, other than getting over it?"

Personally, I would tell this fellow that any woman who excludes an entire ethnic group, while using an uncontrollable trait as an excuse, is double on the shallow scale. If this guy ends up going on the date, he won't be walking around "feeling 2 feet tall" (whatever that means) because he's insecure. It's because what's left of his brain is trying to override his cock.

Unfortunately, this is the typical kind of response he got:

"She obviously prefers taller guys. But, she made an exception for you. That means she's attracted to you. Trust me, if she had an issue with your height, she'd weasel out of the date directly or with unrelated excuses.
Based on what you've said, you're actually in good with this woman unless you blow it by being insecure (which it sounds like you might be doing). Just relax, remember that all signs point to her liking you, and charm her with your excellence."

Notice how people always turn the problem on the shorter man, even when the woman was the one who brought up superficial traits first.

Here's the only sane reply of the lot:

"the fact that she didn't immediately come up with an excuse to back out of the date probably means she just doesn't want a bad reputation, personally or professionally. she told you specifically she doesn't like short guys. i won't even get into the "asian" thing.
that said, everybody here seems to think it's a great idea to go on a date with a girl that brought height up when she didn't need to and without actually knowing how tall you are.
did you bring up a shallow physical attraction of your own that may have inspired her to mention this, or did she throw it in out of the blue? if it's the latter, that's something you should be concerned with."

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