Sunday, 22 December 2013

Heightism and Racism, Fake Empathy and Hypocrisy

A post about the people who recognize discrimination, but use it as an excuse to exercise discrimination themselves, all under a guise of empathy.

Examples: "I don't date short men because I'm scared my son will be short and he'll be made fun of. A short girl would be cute though." Or, "I'm a (insert minority here), but I don't romance my counterparts because I want to fight against racism with interracial dating."

Three funny things here:
  1. By saying a genetic trait like height or race is unwanted, they're outright participating in the social biases and prejudice they claim to be against.
  2. If one partner in a relationship is short, Asian, Black, or whatever, but they don't want those traits in their children or partner, they're basically hating themselves.
  3. A short woman can still have a short son even if her spouse is a tall man. Hell, two tall people can produce a short child, or give birth to a tall girl who inherited her father's height genes. Either way, I feel pity for the kid, who will be viewed as an anomaly by their own parents despite the attempts to minimize those chances.
It's all funny in a dark sense though, when a parent sees in their child the same short stature, or squinty eyes, or dark skin that they hate when looking down the street or in a mirror. Again, I'd feel bad for the child, but karma is great when it manifests in the flesh.

I think there is something special in being raised against a harsh society where you're unwanted. It builds a thick skin, and hopefully a desire to not emulate the people who make your life miserable. What parent would want a blissfully ignorant and privileged child, over one that is aware of and fights adversity? Most moms and dads would, apparently. All because these parents don't want their kids feeling the hate from bigots in our world. You know, bigots like those parents.

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