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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Do Asian Women "Naturally" Prefer White Men?

The following quotes are from a guy named Christopher Smith, on why there are more Asian women with white men than Asian men with white women:  

"Now, before you shoot me, I am not saying that the following argument is true but I have heard it coming from a few Korean women I know, so I think it is worth addressing.  It could simply be that, on average, Western men (White in particular) are just more attractive than Asian guys to more Asian women than Asian men are to white women, and I am not simply talking about the role that popular culture and stereotypes play on our sub-conscious, maybe they just naturally are." 

"They just naturally are." Here we go with this biological preference shit again.

He safely prefaces his statement with "I'm not saying this is true," but let us pretend he is anyway because this is clearly his stance.

Why are the amount of Asian women who lust after black men so much fewer than ones who prefer whites? Is he going to turn around and claim that black men are also "naturally" less attractive than white men?

Smith actually address this point by saying, "what this does also suggest is some hypocrisy and that the image society portrays for the races is relevent because they don't often find themselves attracted to black men." However, he then turns right around to claim, "I am going to take at least some of what they say as a genuine preference a bit like people preferring brunettes or blondes.  It could simply be that Asian men just aren't as attractive to many women like the ginger-haired are often considered less attractive in the West."

That's real convenient. White guys are on top because... Well, just because.

Why are gingers not considered as attractive in the West? Oh, I dunno, maybe it's due to 'kick a ginger' day and how they have no souls? Likewise, Asian men are viewed as both physically and sexually inferior, black guys are dumb ghetto thugs, Mexicans are lawn mowing drug dealers, etc.

The men at the top of every dating survey are white men, who just so happen to have the least racial baggage. So long as you're not an open racist slave owner, you're basically clean as a white male. Most heroes, even in Japanese anime and video games, are Caucasian men as well. Being constantly viewed as a savior will certainly help your social value.

Again, this is all real fucking convenient if it's just natural. Or maybe, just maybe, all of this is a load of racial biases created by society. All of it.

By the way, Korean women are the last I would ask about these issues, because they're the ones who cut up their oh so ugly Asian eyes more than anyone. Can you spell "self-hate?"

Now cue in the army of Prussian 'educated' citizens telling me how they still retain their instincts, and all of their mating choices are rooted in nature. Or maybe I'll get contacted by those white dudes who think they're the oppressed group. If that's the case, why are Caucasian men at the top of every dating survey?

Finally, if Asian men are naturally unattractive, why are Asian women at the top of every dating survey? That's a discussion for another day.

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