Saturday, 17 August 2013

Stupid Dating Advice is Corrupting True Love

The problem with most dating advice is that they assume all women respond to the same things. They give young, insecure men guides to be obnoxious, desperate douchebags under the guise of 'confidence.' You always have to approach the girl, make the first move, blah blah blah, even if you're actually a shy nice guy.

Too bad I've had half a dozen girls making the first move on me. I'm not exactly a model either, and these girls weren't unattractive. Any female worth a damn is simply not stupid, and they can separate the men from the boys. I ignored these girls over moral reasons, but that's irrelevant. They were kind and pretty and way out of my league in the looks department.

Point is, the best advice is the old cliche, "just be yourself." If you're looking for meaningful relationships, anyway. Unless you're tall and dashing (perhaps owning a hefty wallet as well), you ain't gonna get laid at the bar with trite dating advice. Give a 5 foot tall, 50 year old balding Asian man the usual dating advice and let's see how he fares. He could play the game to a tee and still be rejected.

Society is superficial and the odds are stacked. Don't bother with advice on how to win a rigged game. Save your money for a prostitute, because most men pay for dates to get laid. At least you can skip the restaurant and go straight to the meaningless sex, which is the only reason immature and shallow boys use dating advice.

'Normal' people are just funny to me, man. Romance is like an equation to them, a test with right and wrong answers. I view love as something organic, the same way I would treat my friends or family. This whole 'dating' trend and the advice that goes along with it leaves me empty. I wouldn't care so much if I wasn't bombarded by this shallow crap daily. I can't log out of my email without seeing 'advice' on dating from some prick who had three dozen breakups. If his advice is so great, why can't he keep his 30th relationship going? Obviously, most studs can only score easy and guillible women. They're so honorable and I'm jealous (not). Male or female, those who are unfaithful and undisiplined will die without honor. I pity their prosaic lives.

With divorce rates at 50%, I'm not shocked by people showing off how many relationships they've had. In their minds, they are boasting about dozens of wins. To my ears, I only hear a fool who's proud of losing a bunch of times. I'd rather win once and retire with the gold. The more relationships someone has, the less likely they'll settle down. The more you have of anything, the less value each single item has. That is the law of nature, and serial dating isn't an exception. Take caution before the diamonds look like pebbles, and your soulmate is lost in the crowd.

Individuals who mutually stay together and would die without the other are extremely rare, but that's why their advice matters. The rest can quit playing gurus, because I'm not impressed by bar scholars.

If anyone wants to play around a lot, then whatever. I'm only mad when I'm talked down to by people who have no mental maturity. They need a lesson on the difference between love and dating before teaching others about relationships.

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