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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Strength of the Oppressed

Society preaches of tolerance, but if they don't judge on one thing then it's another. The only reason racism and homophobia are looked down upon is because it's politically correct. I say this because ageism and heightism are still rampant, since no guy in a suit has gone on mainstream media to tell the public what to think. In fact, the news and movies often promote other shallow ways to judge humans by, like academics, wealth, and beauty.
Bigots stay quiet in public, but the Internet betrays their veil. I'm not shy, but I prefer chatting online because most people are dishonest in person. On the web, cowards release their prejudice without shame. Everyone is supposedly 'educated' nowadays, but as far as I'm concerned, most are as shallow as the people of old, making others insecure over numbers alone. How much money we make still determines our worth, while grades/IQ represent our intelligence. Many hate themselves for their waistline. Short men are subhuman, tall women are unfeminine. Youth are inferior and the elderly are forgotten. The more people you fleetingly date, the more you're experienced with relationships, even if you haven't got the faintest clue about love. Lots of kids jump into sex before they're ready because older virgins are losers, as if there's a cutoff age for normal virginity. Stress, drugs, and even prostitution are indulged in to finish school. With this pressure, how could anyone be blamed for being depressed or anti-social? Society creates its own monsters, that much I am certain of.

The bullies, the scum, may think this is funny. However, suicide rates speak for themselves, so keep pointing your fingers, continue laughing and taunting, you rich, beautiful, popular people, because my kind has value beyond the physical. True strength comes to those subject to discrimination. I have never seen a comforted person who is strong or mature. The cool kids in school, the authority in the offices, the tough guys with money and power, they all falter in the face of pain. I'd love to see what power is held by those supposedly superior to me, without the cops and lawyers they call, or the troops and posses they hide behind. If only these Gods would come down from their ivory towers.

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