Monday, 29 July 2013

First World Problems Are Still Problems

How many times have you heard someone invalidate a problem by saying, "there are children starving in Africa, so quit whining?" I've had those words thrown at me in response to my complaints about the school system.

Other popular trains of thought include:

  Be thankful for bad parents because orphans have no mom and dad.
 Don't protest against government because Communists rule elsewhere.
 Be grateful for our schools because at least we get a chance at education.
Weightism and heightism are fine because sexism and racism are worse.
*Insert generic line about third world starvation here*

I can go on and on because I've heard it all, but I'll stop because the sayings above follow the same logic (or lack thereof). I don't know about you, but I'm going to seek help if I get shot in the foot, even if the guy next to me received a bullet to his head.

Someone out there always has it worse, but this doesn't mean a lesser plight causes no pain. The subjects above (parents, school, bullying, etc.) can cause suffering to the point of suicide, so leave the kids in Africa out of this because it doesn't improve their lives (or anyone else's).

Like I always say, "first world problems are still problems." If you don't plan on solving these problems, then stay out of my way and shut your mouth.

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